Alpha 1.11 Update!

Alpha v1.11 Update || Oct 16, 2022
Build version "v0."

This update focused around the harvesting system, crafting system, and gave wings an item level system. "Jewels" were renamed "Stones" and you'll also notice that the "jewel spots" that you could harvest look different. They will now be called "veins" and look like unrefined rock mixed with other minerals. To help promote harvesting, the resource regeneration takes less time, and there are new tool items that can be purchased from an NPC for Zen. With all this in mind, the way wings are crafted was slighted changed, plus you'll now be able to increase wing item level. You can increase wing item level via Celestial Forge with some Celestial Fragments.

Screenshot 2022 10 16 162816

What's changed in Alpha v1.11?

Harvesting system reworked!
New tool items sold in NPC!
Some crafting system reworks!
Celestial Forge reworks and updates.
Wings can now have their item level increased!
A couple new NPC sprites by KOAD!
NPC dialogue improvements.
A handful of bug fixes and quality of life updates.

Screenshot 2022 10 12 100920

You can find the full game patch details on Discord:
👉 Check Patch Notes 👈

Screenshot 2022 10 16 162658

Screenshot 2022 10 16 162638

*The previous build version was archived for backup, along with all player data!

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Jun 04, 2022

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