Alpha v1.08 Update!

Alpha v1.08 Update || June 25, 2022
Build version "v0." 

We are working to change our content to be more "genuine," and therefore changed the names of some things.
- Lorencia is now called "Scepia" and the map was altered a bit.
- Devil Square is now called "Cursed Forest."
- Budge Dragon is now called "Drakiid."
- Bull Fighter is now called "Bull."
- Elite Bull Fighter is now called "Great Bull."
- Skeleton Warrior boss is now called "Krojan"

We've also created a world map draft for some rough roadmap to work with.
- There are three main continents: Mu, Lumerya, and Atlantis.
- Scepia is located on the continent of Mu.
- Lumerya is not far east of Mu.
- Atlantis is far west of Mu and Lumerya.

New Items
- Spiked Shield (knight class)
- Skull Shield (mage class)
- Recolor: Name (Red)
- Recolor: Name (Blue)
- Recolor: Name (Green)
Item Changes
- Decreased the item value of most items.
- Increased the price of most items in NPC Shops.
- The extra effect "+Luck" has been removed for Perfect, Epic, Legendary shield items.
- Perfect, Epic, Legendary shield items now have "+Cooldown Reduction" (+10% / +20% / +35%).

Monster Changes
Added item drops to monsters:
- All skill orbs (excluding the items sold in NPC shop)
- Skull Shield
- Spiked Shield
Boss Monster Changes
- Epic Item Ticket can drop from any boss monster. (1% chance)
Boss Token Shop
- You can exchange Boss Tokens with NPC Sam. (south-eastern Scepia)
----> Rare Item Ticket: costs x2 Boss Tokens.
----> Magic Bag: costs x100 Boss Tokens.
PK Token Shop
- Added Rare Item Ticket: costs x100 PK Tokens
Lair Token Shop
- Added Rare Item Ticket: costs x4 Lair Tokens
Rare Ticket Exchange
- Removed the following items: Short Sword (+7, +8); Wand (+7, +8); Leather items (+7, +8).
- Lowered the exchange rate for the following items: Short Sword, Wand, Leather Items.
- Added exchange for Shield items.
- Added missing exchanges for Legendary Sword.
Rare Item Boxes
- Added Epic Item Ticket as possible loot for Lucky Item Box (0.2% chance) and Rare Item Box (1% chance).
- Added rewards to the Epic Item Box.
Golden Monster Lairs
Updated how the lairs work and how the timers / clocks / variables are triggers and run.
- The lairs are now on a global timer which is controlled via the in-game clock system.
- Removed the message that appeared when someone died inside the Golden Monster Lair.
- Lairs do not immediately reopen anymore when someone dies or reconnects to the game.
- Extended the amount of time between killing the Golden Monster and being removed from the area from 10 seconds -> 20 seconds.
- A lair will remain closed for 5 minutes starting from when a player enters the lair.
- Added server messages for a) when a player enters a lair; b) when a player kills the Golden Monster; c) when the lair reopens.
- When the Golden Monster is killed, the battle music will end.
Boss Zone - Skeleton Warrior
- Added battle music which will play only when a player enters the boss area, and only if the boss is spawned.
- The battle music will end for any player in the boss area when the boss monster is killed.
PVP Combat
- Polished the PVP area.
- The exit inside the arena was moved in order to delay the ability to exit/enter repeatedly.
- Removed the "KILLER" title that would appear after killing another player.

Quest Changes
- Adjusted the level restrictions of quests at the Quest Board.
- The Giant Bounty quest can now be repeated accepted until max level (level 35).

Name Colors
- Added feature that will allow players to change the color of their character's name.
- You can buy the recolor item in the General Shop. (costs x10,000 zen)
- Talk to any Guard in Scepia to reset/remove name color.
- Added a title system which you can choose to display titles by your character's name.
- Titles are unlocked from quests or by reaching certain achievements in the game.
- Titles can be displayed by talking to Monica (in the city of Scepia).
- Each title can be set to Red, Blue, Green, or to match the color of your character's name color.
Level Up Titles:
- Official Noob (character level 10)
- The Hunter (character level 20)
- The Great (character level 30)
Quest Titles:
- Hero (Tutorial - Golden Monster Lairs)
Other Changes
- Removed "faces" for new characters. Rather, the character's sprite will appear. (this affects the character selection screen, targeting, etc.)
- Added a message to the chat box when you die: "Oh no, you've died!"
- Added a message to the chat box when another player logs into the game: "<Player Name> has logged into the server!"
- Automated chat box messages should follow this text color code:
🟠 Orange: Server message. (public)
🔴 Red: Client warning/notice. (private)
🟡 Yellow: Client general message. (private)
🟢 Green: Loot/EXP related. (private)
🔵 Cyan: Quest related. (private)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with relearning Magic Ball skill.
- Corrected settings for Element Shield items.
- Synced the monster settings and drop tables for Cursed Forest monsters.
- Fixed spell list positioning and corrected the icon displayed at the top of the spell window.
*The previous build version was archived for backup, along with all player data!
[this page was last updated June 25, 2022]

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