Alpha v1.08.02 Update!

Alpha v1.08.02 Update || July 15, 2022
Build version "v0." 

We made some fixes and adjustments! Special thanks to our community for pointing out a bunch of issues!

Knight Class
- Swell Life: increased the amount of shielding the spell give, but it no longer recovers any HP.
- Swell Life: the shield's duration time increases after spell level 3.
- Erupt: slightly adjusted the way the DoT works.

Mage Class
- Burst spell: slightly adjusted the way the DoT works.
- Greater Skill spell: added casting time, adjusted the buff effect, and enhanced the spell as its level increases.
- Power Wave spell: decreased projectiles from 5 -> 3. The amount of projectiles increases at spell level 3 from 3 -> 5.

Spells and Skills
Adjusted the Critical DMG Rates of all spells, and added the info to the tooltip. The rate increases as the spell level increases.
- Slash: 1% ~ 5% CRIT DMG Rate
- Cyclone: 1% ~ 5% CRIT DMG Rate
- Erupt: 3% ~ 7% CRIT DMG Rate
- Magic Ball: 1% ~ 5% CRIT DMG Rate
- Power Wave: 2% ~ 6% CRIT DMG Rate
- Burst: 3% ~ 7% CRIT DMG Rate
Removed spell descriptions to make more room for tooltip info.

Portal Worker Ted
The requirements for warping were updated:
- Cursed Forest: requires completing Tutorial - Cursed Forest quest.
- Skeleton Warrior: requires character level 16.

Bug Fixes
- Portal Worker Ted: you can no longer warp to the Cursed Forest before completing the Tutorial - Cursed Forest quest.
- Swell Life: made adjustments and fixes.
- Fixed several tooltip errors with spells.
- Golden Monster Lairs: fixed some issues with the timer bots.
*The previous build version was archived for backup, along with all player data!
[this page was last updated July 15, 2022]

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