Alpha v1.09 Update!

Alpha v1.09 Update || Aug 10, 2022
Build version "v0."

This update brings 2 new exciting boss monsters to the game! There is one lower level boss for brave novice heroes to put their might to the test, and one high level boss that will likely require a group of players to kill it! We introduced the 3rd armor set for the mage and added it to all the game features and drop tables. There also was a lot of rebalancing of monster stats, exp gain amounts, drop tables, etc.

Moon Armor Set (Mage class)

Added to all game systems and drop tables...
- Moon Helm
- Moon Armor
- Moon Pants
- Moon Gloves
- Moon Boots

Mother Drakii (boss monster)

A new boss monster located in the southern Alpha Lair in Scepia.
- Monster Level 22.
- 1 hour respawn.
- There are 2 monster spawns.
- Recommended for players level 19+.

Krojan (boss monster)

Renewed the existing boss' stats and drop tables...
- Monster Level 28.
- Recommended for players level 24+.
- Increased the monster's HP.

Dark Giant (boss monster)

A new boss monster located in the northern Alpha Lair in Scepia.
- Monster Level 36.
- 4 hour respawn.
- Recommended for players level 32+.
- Party of characters is highly recommended.
- Drops Dark Giant's Box, opened via Giant's Key item.

Corrupt Giant (normal monster)

A new normal monster located in the Dark Giant boss area.
- Monster Level 28.
- Has a very low chance to drop Dark Giant's Box (0.2%)

Item Level Upgrades

- Bone items now require the same crafting ingredients as Plate items.
- All level upgrade crafting recipes were adjusted.

NPC Rare Item Exchange is renamed -> Item Recycler

- Added Scale and Moon items to the exchange list.

Lucky Box, Rare Box, Epic Box are renamed -> Ticket Box / VIP Box

- The "Lucky Box" and "Rare Item Box" are now called Ticket Box.
- The "Rare Item Ticket" item is now called Loot Ticket.
- The "Epic Box" is now called VIP Box.
- The "Epic Item" Ticket is now called VIP Loot Ticket.

NPC Mark is renamed -> Rewards Manager

Renewed the NPC as a daily reward system...
- Moved the NPC to the east part of Scepia's city (next to NPC Monica).
(*you can still claim one Golden Lair Ticket once per day, in addition to other things.)

Token Shop - Golden Lairs

- Added Wand [Epic] and Staff [Epic]
- Increased the cost of Short Sword [Epic] from 7 tokens -> 9 tokens.
- Increased the cost of Hand Axe [Epic] from 14 tokens -> 26 tokens.

Token Shop - Boss

Added additional items to the token shop list:
- Added Jewel of Soul Shard (costs 1 token)
- Added Jewel of Bless Shard (costs 1 token)
- Added Jewel of Chaos Shard (costs 1 token)
- Added Jewel of Creation Shard (costs 2 tokens)
- Added Epic Item Ticket (costs 32 tokens)
These items can only be purchased one time and are purchased through NPC dialogue:
- Magic Bag (cost reduced from 100 -> 65 tokens)

Monster Changes

- Renewed all normal, alpha, and golden monsters by adjusting stats and drop tables.
- Spider monsters are not aggressive anymore, but will attack back.
- Decreased the range of the monster skill Flame from 7 tiles -> 3 tiles.
- Increased the HP of higher leveled monsters.
- Rather than dropping rare items directly, normal and alpha monsters will now drop a loot box which contains rare items.
- Boss monsters will drop a loot box 100% of the time.

Obtainable Loot Boxes

Excellent Box (Lv1) & Perfect Box (Lv1):
----> Leather/Short Sword/Wand/Small Shield
---->Golden Lair Ticket/Loot Ticket/Jewel Shards (Soul/Bless/Chaos)
Excellent Box (Lv2) & Perfect Box (Lv2):
----> Plate/Bone/Hand Axe/Staff/Large Shield/Element Shield
---->Golden Lair Ticket/Loot Ticket/Jewel Shards (Soul/Bless/Chaos/Creation)
Excellent Box (Lv3) & Perfect Box (Lv3):
----> Scale/Moon/Legacy Sword/Skull Staff/Spiked Shield/Skull Shield
---->Golden Lair Ticket/Loot Ticket/Jewel Shards (Soul/Bless/Chaos/Creation)

Item Name Changes

- "Legendary Sword" -> Legacy Sword
- "Lair Entry Ticket" -> Golden Lair Ticket
- "Lair Tokens" -> Golden Lair Tokens
- "Rare Item Ticket" -> Loot Box Ticket (Scepia)
- "Epic Item Ticket" -> VIP Box Ticket (Scepia)

Cursed Forest Changes

- Added a small area with spider monsters that can be killed, in the Cursed Forest portal waiting area.
- Added details and corrected dialogue for the Cursed Forest Guard and the Cursed Forest Portal.
- Added a warning message about auto-warping when players are moved to the reward area.
- Extended the amount before players are auto-warped out of the reward area from 2 minutes -> 4 minutes.
- Synced all Cursed Forest monsters with the renewed monster stats / drop tables.

Other Changes

- Update Cursed Forest ranking page to rank players by their total lifetime event points earned.
- Various website changes and improvements. - Various game assets were updated.
- Added ability to check Alpha monster kill counts via NPC Guard.

Bug fixes

- Corrected positioning of some monsters.
- Corrected the selling price in the Lair Token Shop for Bone Gloves [Epic], and Bone Boots [Epic]
- Corrected issues about Magic Bag and fixed the issue which a player could obtain more than one.
- Corrected Wand item value.
- During the Cursed Forest tutorial quest, you will no longer "be stuck" in the Cursed Forest safe area if the portal is closed.
- Completed various fixes that users reported in game-issues🐛

*The previous build version was archived for backup, along with all player data!
[this page was last updated August 10, 2022]

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