Alpha 1.10 Update!

Alpha v1.10 Update || Sept 20, 2022
Build version "v0." 

This update was all about making some much needed edits and improvements! Ultimately, we completely overhauled the combat system to give it a better feel. The old combat system was built on a very static "stat scaling" mechanic that was very limiting. We have completely removed this mechanic from the combat system and instead created a damage/defense system that scales based on the attacker's Strength stat vs the victim's Defense stat. The EXP table to increase character levels was also decreased a lot, so you may notice that you are a higher level now. This had to be changed because the amount of EXP needed to level up was becoming far too much.

What's changed in Alpha v1.10?
Big combat rework!
New damage/defense/EXP formulas
Monster stat rebalance
Equipment requirements reworked
Skills improved
New interface layout!
First batch of new NPC sprites!
Resource harvesting improvements!
Wing crafting improvements!
Skill upgrade improvements!
A handful of quality of life improvements!
Bigger item stacking!

You can find the full game patch details on Discord:

*The previous build version was archived for backup, along with all player data!
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